AboutThe yard qatar

The Yard is... Making a Difference

The Yard is a design firm that consists of three distinct yet interconnected businesses: An architectural and interiors studio, an event planning agency, and a multi-purpose creative hub. Whether we are designing a private home, a retail space, or a corporate event, we work together to produce magnificent interiors, artworks and event designs that turn any environment into a spectacular experience. As an integrated and multi-faceted firm, we offer the utmost convenience - our clients love us because they never have to spend weeks dealing with different designers, contractors, and suppliers. This gives us a powerful advantage in the market, and allows us to be a true partner to clients who value their time and always want their money well spent by expert and trustworthy hands.

  • Our Culture

    The Yard is... “Environmental Therapy”

    Everything we do aims to learn who you are deep down inside and then reflecting it on the outside, making sure your space is an extension of who you are. The Yard celebrates individuality and hates the idea of designing your home or office simply to please others - your space should be based on who you are, your routine, what you love and value, a statement of your status, character and culture.

  • Our Vision

    “To Transform People, Places, & Things, Allowing Them to Thrive”

    We provide people with the spaces, tools, and resources that allow them to express themselves and reflect their unique and individual character - whether they are clients, staff or aspiring students. We firmly believe that life’s energy flows when our home, office, clothes, career, image, and style are all a genuine reflection of inner ourselves - when everything fits together, we fully live our truth, grow and thrive

  • Our Mission

    “To Express & Celebrate Selfhood”

    We believe that every person is a unique and beautiful individual and we are on a mission to express that individuality. We celebrate each person’s genuine “selfhood” instead of society’s prescribed identity, focusing on their character, culture, attitude and perspective of the world. The Yard aims to be a true symbol of Qatar, leading the way and inspiring others with the quality of our service, design and productivity. We hope to leave a strong legacy for our nation and a valuable resource for the Qatari community for generations to come.

Our Values


    We believe that every person has a unique personality and signature identity, and we dedicate ourselves to bringing that to life in every way.


    We have a hunger for creativity and innovation, artistic expression and design that pushes boundaries and gets people talking.


    In the modern world, lines are blurred. Your image, career, lifestyle, fashion sense, interior tastes, brands you support etc. are all integrated online and offline, and we firmly believe in being a brand that is a destination for all that.


    To always provide the spaces, tools and inspiration that allow you to live your truth