The YardCreative Design Hall

The Yard is.. A Space to Create, Grow & Thrive

A landmark destination in Doha that acts as a multi-purpose hub featuring gallery, meeting and workshop spaces for our elite design network. With resources like fabric and color swatch libraries, access to our inventory, and other creative tools, The Yard’s Creative Design Hall is a place that provides people with the capabilities and knowledge that not only allows them to create beautiful work for clients, but helps them grow and develop, opening doors and opportunities. With continuous inspiration and motivation, we connect local and regional artists with people in diverse fields, creating an interconnected group of peers and like-minded individuals.

Our Designers

  • Miriam Karam

  • Ahmad Taha

  • Hala

  • Alfiya

  • Abdul Rahman

  • Mohd Midlaj

  • Fahad

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