Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior design consultancy designing superior residential, commercial, and hospitality projects in Qatar, the Gulf, and the rest of the world. Believing in achieving the best quality, The Yard manages and orchestrates everything end-to-end to deliver a multi-layered, stimulating and multi-sensory experience with a philosophy of designing highly personalised interiors created to reflect people’s true personality, culture and identity.

With everything handled under one roof, we can have ful lcontrol over the process from ideation to delivery. We showcase our sub-contractors, stock our own swatches, materials, and dressing products, and scarcely order online which means our projects are completed faster and with far more accuracy. This allows our clients to freely envision whatever they want, and we can usually get it done with unparalleled expediency, professionalism and efficiency.

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Interior Design

What We Do
This all-inclusive service covers a wide range of tasks, from concept design and execution to dealing with governmental paperwork. We build everything from scratch – all we need is a blank space! We handle architectural planning, area design, electricity and water distribution, ceiling
fixings and fittings, furniture design, light fixtures, landscaping, interior and exterior decoration and everything in between.








Sometimes we’re unable to fully design a home, especially if its a rental property, so The Yard can add artistic touches and elements of color and texture, reinterpreting your personal space and evolving it to suit your style and taste. This service allows clients to re-imagine their existing homes, and our team can re-allocate your furniture, add accessories, artworks, flowers, lighting and other creative touches to revive and spruce up your space without spending too much.

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This special service allows us to delve intoyour life and plan your space according to your needs, whether it is a commercial, residential or hospitality project. Our consultants can advise you on architectural layout and interior planning to ensure each area reflects the people who will exist in it. For example, a client may have a house but wants to expand it to suit a growing family, our team would re-imagine the floor layout and re-plan the rooms to fit our client’s family structure, requirements, customs, lifestyles and routines, ensuring a harmonious environment
designed around practical and personal purposes.

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